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My dear Yuletide angel,

Is it that magical time of the year already? I can tell you, I’m so excited I could bite a grape. I hope this letter finds you in a similar state, although I do understand that the thought of having to write a Yuletide gift for someone can be stressful too. Try not to fret! I assure you, I’m a simple-minded thing and very easy to please.

If you’d like some idea of what I like to see in a story, or just a little prompting to hopefully get you started, read ahead. If you already have an idea you’d like to try out, please feel free to toddle off and write that! This should be fun for the writer, and I’m sure I’ll love reading anything that has been a pleasure to write.

Most importantly (and, really, this should have come first): Thank you, as-yet-unknown-Yuletide-participant. The fact that you’re taking the time to write in one of the following tiny fandoms just warms my heart. :)

And now a little bit of babble about the fandoms and fan-fiction in general…

A few personal preferences:
- I like fic of all kinds, romantic or gen. As will probably become apparent in the fandom talk, I will ‘ship anything and everything. Slash, femslash, het, threesomes, moresomes… I like fic about platonic friendships too, and fic where the romance/friendship is kept ambiguous.
- I think AUs and cross-overs are great, as are cross-over pairings.
- I’d prefer it if you avoided rape scenes or anything sexual involving underage characters. Those are the only things I can think of that I really would not want to read.

Spoilers ahead! )

I'm very sorry that it's taken me so long to finish off this letter. I don't like making excuses, but I thought I'd get back to it before assignments went out and then real life intervened... I hope it hasn't inconvenienced you, and that the finished article proves helpful.

Have fun writing! :)
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