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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you for signing up this year! It’s lovely to know that someone out there is interested in writing for one of my favourite little fandoms. :3 Now, I don’t know how you’re feeling about all this but I think, excited or nervous, you’ll probably be glad to hear that I’m pretty easy to please! I know a lot of people appreciate having details of their recipients’ likes and dislikes to give them inspiration, so I’ve put all that kind of thing in this letter. I hope what I’ve written will help you – there’ll be one or two prompts for each fandom as well, just in case you find them useful. But if you already have an idea of what you’d like to write, please go ahead and write that. Likewise, if nothing I’ve written catches your fancy, do go with something else that does. Just as long as it’s enjoyable for you to write, I’m sure that will be what shines. I enjoy all kinds of fic and, really, the only restriction I’d give you would be to avoid the things on my Absolutely Do Not Want list, which is pretty small in any case.

I just want to say that I hope you have fun; I can’t wait to read what you come up with. And now I’ll carry on with the necessary information!

Absolutely Do Not Want:
• Non-con
• Underage

Well, I think that covers it…

A few personal preferences:
• I like fic of all kinds, romantic or gen. I like introspective character/relationship-based fic and plotty fic equally.
• As will probably become apparent in the fandom talk, I will ‘ship anything and everything. Slash, femslash, het, threesomes, moresomes… I like fic about platonic friendships too, and fic where the romance/friendship is kept ambiguous.
• If you want to write incest, I’m just going to take a wild guess and say you’re here because of Jupiter Ascending. That is a-okay! Damaged space family’s gotta do what damaged space family’s gotta do. However, incest is more generally a DNW for me.
• I think AUs, fusions and cross-overs are great, as are cross-over pairings.

Kinks and Tropes I like a lot:
(Mostly tropes, in all honesty. I am boring and vanilla.)
Domestic; fluff; unrequited love; pining; sudden and unexpected kisses; epistolary fic; historical AUs; werewolves; master/servant; recipe fic; cross-dressing; loyalty; one character teaching another to dance (or any other skill, really); ghost stories; horror…

The fandoms... )

Happy writing!
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