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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you for signing up this year! It’s a delight to know that someone out there is interested in writing for one of my favourite little fandoms. Though I don’t yet know what we matched on, I’d like to reassure you that, regardless, I’m pretty easy to please. This letter is about giving you some idea of what I especially like and throwing around a few prompts, just in case you need some inspiration. I expect you to be as free with these suggestions as you like! I think the best story is going to be the one that you enjoy writing, after all.

So, to begin! Some reading preferences (which will probably end up being very woolly):

• I enjoy gen and I enjoy relationship fic. ♥ Het, slash, femslash, poly, friendship, familial (biological family or found family, I don’t mind). Incest is a bit trickier because I tend to be picky about what I will read in that category – I think I’d prefer if you avoided it, if that’s okay. Anyway, I’ll get into specifics with the individual fandoms.
• I don’t mind if the fic ends up being explicit or not but I tend towards the vanilla... For smut, I’d prefer a fic where it isn’t the entire focus. For violence, I’d like it not to be graphic and prolonged.
• Kinks and tropes I’m very much okay with include: domesticity, hurt/comfort, cross-dressing, pining, soul mates, angst, fluff, ambiguous sexuality/relationships
• The things I’d not like to receive are underage and non-con, of any kind.
• Cross-overs are wonderful. Cross over whichever of the canons you’d like – if you’ve been simply aching to write about Sylvia Tietjens’ adventures in Dinotopia, I’d be the last person to stop you. You can check my interests if you’d like more cross-over ideas.
• AUs are also lovely. Go mad. I like everything from coffee shop scenarios to His Dark Materials-like worlds, with the only exception, I think, being high school/college AUs. My particular weakness is for historical AUs, and I have a definite soft spot for making characters werewolves.

Now onto the fandoms! Huzzah! (The parts in italics are from my sign-up.)

The Fandoms )

I think that’s about all I have to say for now! I’m very sorry that this letter is late, and I hope I haven’t kept you waiting for it. Just like last year, I thought I’d get it done in time and then real life had other plans for me. In any case, I really hope that it’s some help to you.

Have fun!
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